About The Designer

Paige Lombardo is a native of Florida and has had a passion for fashion since she was a child. However, she loves to accent her outfits with a few of her favorite pieces of fine jewelry. Increasingly expensive things piqued her interest as she grew older. Due to her desire not to overspend, Paige observed that there were few options available for inbetweener-style jewelry. As a woman who desired that look while staying within her budget, Paige discovered an opportunity in the jewelry industry to spotlight a much-needed segment of the market. With the launch of her own company in 2019, Paige Lombardo established herself in the jewelry industry with innovative fashion jewelry. After helping run a successful jewelry company for several years, she decided to set up another company focusing on the most affordable pieces of semi-fine and fine jewelry. The keen eye of her father has always been a source of inspiration for Paige; when he bought her first pair of diamond earrings, he opened her eyes from the very beginning. As a result, she would travel to Miami with him to gain insight and inspiration for new additions to her collection. She met her husband, Ember, in Miami where she fell in love. She and Ember have two children, Enzo, and Mila, as well as an adorable puppy named Moka.​​